What is flying balloon?
To make the balloon flying, balloon should be filled with helium gas. You can have your purchased balloon flown at the sales point or you can buy flying balloon. 

Is the helium gas flammable?

Helium gas is not a flammable gas. It has no side reaction for human health.

Are flying balloons flammable news correct?

Sometimes we get news that flying balloons are flammable and that’s why they are harmful and dangerous. That gas is not helium. It is acetylene gas that produced in primitive conditions.

Malevolent salers use this acetylene gas because of it’s cheap price and they risk human health. This harmful material produced under the counter or import with illegal ways. Since we are a company that cares for the human health and environment, we feel ourselves as responsible to raise the awareness of public against the balloons filled with that harmful material.

We always recommend our customers to buy flying balloons from party stores located on streets or in shopping malls. If you are sure on the gas that filled in your balloons, you can have fun with them.