Quality Policy

The goods with quality and safety certification All of our products certificated by certificated foundations. Latex balloons that were produced with natural rubber latex material, can recycle in environment in 5 years. We are aware of that, the chemicals which are used while production process are very important for product quality and human health.

Because of this reason, all necessary tests (EN71-1,2,3,12 and nitrosamine tests) are done by well known certificated foundations.

We are very careful on environment friendly production and high quality & healthy products. We never produce a product that might be harmful for human health.

Balonevi is a sustainably developed company that have responsibility for environment and for society, make contribution to national economy, and the leader company in terms of technology and quality. We always supply best efficient product & service to our customer as their solution partner and ensure sustainable customer satisfaction.

As Balonevi personels, we always target sustained development and producing quality.

Environment Policy

As Balonevi management and empolyees we adopt that, obey the legal regulations and environment management.

• Using energy and natural resources efficiently
• Reducing pollution and waste
• Increasing employee’s environmental consciousness
• Reducing harmful material use on production process. To do that, searching nonhazardous materail.

We manage those activities together with quality and occupational health and safety policies. We are working hard to be leader company for envirenmental issues in balloon & party sector.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Balonevi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we always work as considering worker's health in all of our facilities. To do that, we always follow current regulations and keep ourselves under control for suitability of current regulations. We aim that, keep risks at acceptable level.

Because of this reason, we infuse importance of occupational health and safety to our worker’s.