Balloons Accessories
We import plastic pumps and electrical balloon inflators that you’ll need to inflate balloons, from China, Italy and U.S.A.

Single piece balloon stick that “Patented, suitable for toy regulation” is one of our best products proof that we are an “innovator” and “open for improvement” company.

You can get “Super Fly” from Balonevi that extend your flying balloons life four times.

lisansBalloon Sticks
lisansBalloon Sticks
lisansMaxi Sticks
lisansCup Sticks
lisansDual Action Small Balloon Pump
lisansDual Action Big Balloon Pump
lisansDual Action Balloon Pump
lisansBalloon Inflator (China)
lisansBalloon Inflator (USA)
lisansBalloon Inflator With Foot Switch (USA)
lisansAdhesive Grip Strips
lisansAdhesive Big Grip-Tabs
lisansAdhesive Big Grip-Tabs
lisansClip-On Quick Cutter
lisans3 m Hose Set
lisansSnap-on Valve Outlet
Snap-On Trigger Valve OutletSnap-On Trigger Valve Outlet
lisansSnap-On Flex-Tilt Valve Outlet
Snap-On Soft-Touch Push Valve OutletSnap-On Soft-Touch Push Valve Outlet
lisansBalloon Gas Inflator Indicator