Balloon Decoration


Balloon Wall : Any area in your organization’s facilities that you don't want to be seen, hide it with balloons (instead of using ordinary things such as fabric). With different lights behind white balloon walls or tunnels, you can then change the color of a space any time you want to.  

Balloon Arches : You can use these to identify an entrance point. They can be affixed to a wall, on separate stand with legs, or they can be hung from flying jumbo balloons. 

Jumbo Balloons : Jumbo balloons can be used as flying balloons through the use of helium, and they can be hung from the ceiling if they are upside down printed. There are 27" (80 cm diameter) and 45" (120 cm diameter) options.  

Column Balloons : While you can attract attention to your products with logo-printed column balloons, you can also use them to define a walking path or to direct your guests. These can be used with legs, and you can also choose flying column balloons. 

Balloon Release : For any kind of opening, ground breaking ceremonies or for any kind of celebration, balloons can be RELEASED to add even more excitement, or to conclude your event more powerfully. Since logos on balloons cannot be seen when they are flying, we recommend that you use simple balloons. 

Balloon Drop : Where the ceiling height is adequate, a rain of balloons will bring color and joy to your organization’s event. 

Balloon Bouquets : To add color to your organization’s area, you can use bundles of logo-printed or plain flying balloons. 

Text and Shapes : It is possible to create any desired letter, number or shape through the use of different forms and shapes of balloons. 

Balloon Columns : You can enliven and color your organization with chains balloons of 4 different colors, random multiple colors or one single color. 

Using our Segways : The games and contests that use our Segways will keep your event's excitement and joy alive. They attract a great deal of attention because they are so different and new. And their front and side advertisement areas can be covered with your logo. While your activities can be enlivened with flags and jumbo balloons, we can also offer the joy of music.